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Localization means your software speak your language and follow local regulations.

We can help localize the vertical solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365 and provide compatibility of the programming code and terminology set in the different systems and locations.

This extension so-called Localization will make your software adjust and meet country-related laws or regulations, legislative provisions, and user interface in the local language.

We, as network partners may adapt your Microsoft Dynamics system to:


  • build functionalities that meet specific laws, not covered by features Microsoft provides ”out-of-the-box” (e.g. regulations that are unique to states, provinces, cities, or municipalities)
  • Create separate localization for countries where Microsoft does not offer a localized version of any Microsoft Dynamics AX version 


With Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations there is an additional feature that is launched where you can use other country’s localizations with another country.

It is important to have a clear understanding of implications of not implementing the localized features. If those are of not big implication and if the effort to configure/customize/test is high, these can be avoided.

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Stefan Feierabend
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