Sports Events – a method to develop a positive workplace culture

In today’s world of business, teamwork is essential in different ways.  The synergy of a group of individuals in the same organization is an instrument and goal for itself, it’s how we think that one company should be functioning, and it is a key to sustainable growth.

At Axapta Masters, we believe that behind every success of the company there comes a great team. So, we created a culture that stimulates and supports team- building even more than caring for employees as individuals.

mini football axapta masters

bowling axapta masters


In our company, we are practicing a lot of planned team building – events and activities on a weekly basis.
For example, Thursdays are dedicated to football where we participate in the IT cup with other company teams throughout the city, and twice a month, we go out and compete on playing ping-pong, bowling and having a fun time together!


axapta masters footbal it cup

We also encourage people to take regular breaks during the workday, which is why we decided to have a Game Area with a pool table so people can relax and clear their mind, which gives a new perspective of a desk – problems.

Billiard ball


The celebrations and cheering team-bonding events are also an important part of our culture because fun time with co-workers can always bring the job to the next level of accomplishment. Celebrating the company’s achievements together it’s crucial and it’s the best way to remind employees that you’re one team with the same goal.

Employees – they must be aware that success wouldn’t happen without them!






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