Published On: March 11, 2024Categories: Company News, Finance & Accounting, Technical

With the successful implementation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, the Macedonian food giant opened the doors to full technological improvement and digitalization of the business. Founded more than 66 years ago, Vitaminka is synonymous with quality, a company that cares to always satisfy the taste of its consumers, known for its audacity in introducing innovations and following innovation trends.

To make a big step forward in its operational efficiency, modernization of its operations, management, and implementation of best practices, Vitaminka decided to invest in the latest technologies, and as its partner in this significant step towards complete technological transformation chose Axapta Masters.

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By joining forces, after an intensive period of work and cooperation, in January 2024 the implementation of D365FO was successfully completed. Today, Vitaminka has a fully integrated platform that unites the warehouse, production, and financial aspects of their work.

D365FO offers a fully integrated system, which allows companies complete control and visibility of all aspects of business operations.

Benefits of the implementation:

  • Increased efficiency: The system enables a significant improvement in operational efficiency, which will lead to a reduction in the time required to carry out certain activities and a reduction in costs.
  • Accurate and fast financial reports: The implementation of D365FO allows the generation of accurate financial reports in real time, which significantly improves the management of finances.
  • Improvement of warehouse operations and production process: The system provides efficient management of the warehouse operation and production processes, which enables better control and monitoring of the real situation in the warehouse and production.
  • Better user experience and growth opportunities: D365FO will improve and facilitate the work process of teams in the company. The system is designed to adapt to the needs of companies, making it an ideal choice for businesses that are constantly growing and investing in innovation.

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Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is much more than just a sophisticated system. D365FO is the key to successful operations management and business growth in today’s digital age. Therefore, with the successful implementation, Vitaminka, remains a leader in its industry with innovative and technologically advanced solutions. This significant transformation will provide the company with not only an economic advantage, but also financial stability in the long term. With Axapta Masters on its side, Vitaminka opened the way to new successes and heights in its successful Macedonian business story.