Published On: May 23, 2019Categories: MS News

Here are a few words on how we experienced User Group AXUG Summit Europe in Amsterdam and how it will imply to us throughout the year.

We are happy we experienced a well organized, interactive, and worthful conference this year, that grabbed our attention longer than expected. We met great people and discussed possible future collaboration, talk business issues, and explored different solutions. It will be useful for us in the future in terms of how to dedicate our current strategies and which points should get more time and focus by our side.

Instead of AXUG 2018 in Dublin where we held a presentation about: “How to be in control of your Dynamics365 integrations”, in cooperation with our client Terberg, this time we decided to attend as more lectures as we can and deep-dive into the amazing and engaging tech presentations.




Our people also took part in Microsoft Ignite in Amsterdam and Stockholm, where they had a chance to hear briefly on the future of cloud development, data, IT, and business intelligence and latest Dynamics products and services.




The picture above represents our developers during their Microsoft Ignite l The Tour Stockholm, where they selected from several custom ‘learning paths’ on the sessions, guided through the modules and workshops focused on Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365.  Actually, there were not several, but 100 + sessions and workshops and more than 350 experts to share their word.

Talking about Microsoft AXUG Summits, we have not missed any of those in-person tech happenings since 2016 and we plan to continue this way.

All of us who left our desks for a week in order to hear the great minds have a different exciting story to tell, but all wrapped together it was a month for educating and experiencing as much as possible in tech.




Do you already know if you’re going to attend Summit in Barcelona in March 2020?

If yes, of course, we can meet there, but let’s not wait until the next year.

Write to us later today at to discuss ERP issues you’ve considered in previous months. ;)