Published On: February 8, 2021Categories: Technical

Those of you who are familiar with the struggle of waiting hours for downloading a file from LCS (either for the Platform Update zip files or the Database backups from the Asset Library) can now benefit from the AzCopy app.

First things first and that means downloading the azcopy application which can be found here.


After downloading it, extract the zip file into the desired location (in my case is the “C:\” Drive)

azcopy file

azcopy windows


Now, to use it we need first to open cmd from the folder where you’ve extracted the zip file (or open cmd and navigate to that folder)


The command that we are going to use is:

azcopy copy “<Source Destination>” “<Desired/Target Destination>” –recursive=true

Based on the command above we can see that we have two parameters which be changed based on our activity.

As an example, I am trying to download the PlatformUpdate package to my local VM and for that first, I’ve logged in to the LCS and picked up the desirable package from the AssetLibrary but only to get the download link which I’ll use in the command.

view downloads folder


Now equipped with what we need we can modify the command to suit us:
*NOTE: Please look at the end of the second parameter. You can notice that I’ve named my file as “”. If you don’t specify the name and especially the type of file your downloading, the azopy will download it as type “file” and you don’t want that cause it will be of no use for you.

azcopy copy “” “C:\Platform_Update\” –recursive=true

command azcopy


You can see that my 5GB were downloaded in less than 20 minutes (way faster than using the regular download). Satisfied with the results I can now continue with deploying the platfrom_update package to my local D365 VM.
If you need to do the same there is another blog regarding the installation of platform update packages on the following link.


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