Published On: December 6, 2016Categories: Company News, MS News

Customer Relationship Managements in the digital era

Throughout history, customer satisfaction was the only method to guarantee success in the long run. In the digital age we live in, that has not changed. In fact, it is now more emphasized than ever before. The expectations of the customers are far greater now. Customers, with the rise of the internet and social media expect a much more personal relationship with you. They expect to get the same treatment from the largest of brands as they used to get only from local stores. Without a CRM system that would follow their individual needs and preferences, the battle for the customer can easily be lost. Expectations are far higher, and great innovation is needed in order to retain a customer. And we all know that retaining a customer is much more cost efficient than acquiring a new one.

CRM System. Why?

This leads to the conclusion that the success of a company is very much dependent on the tool meant to retain customers – the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This is the most effective tool for building and retaining a positive relationship with a customer. The advancements in technology have both an up and a down side to them. Using modern technology and a CRM in order to retain customers is becoming easier, however the customers’ expectations are becoming higher and higher every day. It is becoming harder and harder to stay ahead in the game and keep customers engaged and satisfied with what you are providing and how you are treating them.  It is not only the customer side of things that is assisted by the CRM system. The integration of marketing campaigns, the analytics of data, all sorts of meetings, and the care of the customers happen simultaneously, a powerful Customer Relationship Management solution is needed to bring all these functions together in one place so that you are able to extract information crucial to your business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX CRM module

Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is a standalone CRM product from Microsoft that provides Sales, Marketing and Service Management capabilities only via individual modules. The Dynamics CRM is a standalone web application whereas Dynamics AX is a complete ERP system, which can be used to manage a business’ entire operations like Warehousing, Finance, Trade & Logistics, Production, Accounting, Master Planning, CRM and HR is a complete business solution, which also offers CRM functionality via an integrated module – the Dynamics AX CRM. This module system offers one of the most advanced Customer Relationship Management solutions. It provides a deep integration with the other modules in the ERP system which can come in handy while looking at the big picture. The Dynamics AX CRM module covers all the functionalities offered by any CRM system, however it has the advantage of data sharing within the Dynamics AX platform, which is exceptionally handy and easy.
Intelligent customer engagement enables your company to build trust, loyalty, and insight. The customer engagement solution of the Dynamics AX will help your company deliver an extraordinary experience, creating proactive personalized customer experiences by analyzing and predicting patterns and behavior. The CRM module of the Dynamics AX which we at Axapta Masters have the extensive expertise to implement is a solution that will help your company stay at the top, or will help you take your company there ahead of the competition. Contact us and get a quote now in order to implement the most complete ERP software out there and with the help of the Customer Relationship Management module achieve and exceed your goals and satisfy even the most demanding customers! It is up to you, do not waste time, be proactive, not reactive!