How do you take
advantage of your data?

Data Visualization - Power BI

By visualizing your business data, you can make better and faster decisions, improve your business processes, and increase profits thanks to the relevant data analysis you get.

Power Bi is a cloud-based business analytics solution which can enable you to take advantage of your company’s data in a visual appealing form. Now you can enable everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics and create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all.

It helps users identify risks and recognize opportunities, while it is excellent for organizations because does not require for extensive installation, high investments in software, nor a configuration effort. When it comes to decision making, Power BI helps you to easily transform your data and makes it available for the corresponding employees in a visualized package that indicates what needs to be changed.

Create and share interactive data visualizations across global data centers, including national clouds to meet your compliance and regulation needs.

Power BI Benefits

Easy to Use Data Experience

Users can quickly start the Power BI and leverage the pre-built content into personalized dashboards. The built drag and drop features will enable you as a user to explore your data by simply asking questions. Using the natural language, you can easily clean, shape and model the data to create impactful shareable reports without any coding knowledge.

Real-time data monitoring

With Power BI you can monitor trends and KPIs in real time. An up to date view of all business processes from purchasing to sales and production to delivery at any level within the company.

Analysis Comparability

With Power Bi now it is possible to select and merge the right data and quickly create reports, while applying proper analysis methodology and visualizing the reports without losing time and specific knowledge resources.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Power Bi

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations use Power BI as a reporting tool for data exploration. Charts in a Power BI report invite users to click them, visuals change shape interactively, and data can easily be filtered. Users can easily adjust existing reports and create their own views of the data. The reports can be shared, and teams can collaborate on data.

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