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At Axapta Masters we help our clients by providing them with the best talents available whenever is needed. We provide nearshore and offshore IT outsourcing for international organizations by providing experienced stuff for Microsoft Dynamics services. Located in Skopje – Macedonia, and established as a company with a strength of more than a two decades of IT experience, we are committed to reducing ICT outsourcing costs, improving service quality and delivery, and providing excellence to our clients.

Our consultants are masters in software analysis, development and maintenance, business intelligence and project management related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 services (ERP and CRM) and lately .NET and SharePoint.  They are highly experienced and certified professionals who speak the common language and can easily adapt to any other team regardless the cultural differentials.

We can be your nearshore center and boost to your development team

Why Choose Us:

Technology Know-how

We offer our expertise, know-how, and capabilities to help you plan, design, develop, and execute a fully customized project according to your requirements. With combining our know-how and our agile development practice, the result is an eloquent and coherent service.

Business Know-how

We know our clients’ businesses. We invest in learning first client’s business and then propose the best reasonable solution to bring them on the next level of success. We are committed to our work and we respect our deadlines.


We are able to adapt to your specific need, no matter the size of your company, the industry you belong in, or the phase your project is currently in. Depending on the challenges, Axapta Masters is flexible to provide you with individual consultants as well as whole teams.

Geographical Closeness

Located in Macedonia, we are in the same time zone with Western european countries , and we are only two hours away by a direct flight. We are open for client visits whenever they are available, and also we are happy to collaborate with them on-site from their office.

Competitive Prices

It is well known that price is the most important competitive advantage of the IT companies. This difference is almost three times lower, according to the analyses made.

Control over resources

Manage and control resources and budget from start to finish with our flexible cooperation model.

Most of our clients come from Western Europe and United States, to whom we have been providing a quality oriented and flexible delivery model.

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