Published On: May 13, 2022Categories: Technical

One of our colleagues recently had a requirement for having a dialog form with multiple toggle buttons to export several different files.

So, the standard procedure for exporting to CSV in D365 is:

  • to create a ‘CommaStreamIo’ object,
  • fill it with data
  • and then send a file to the user (File::SendFileToUser(stream, filename)) which file then gets downloaded from the browser.

However, the issue with this approach appears when we try to export multiple files with the same function, i.e. ‘File::SendFileToUser(stream, filename)’. In such a case, only the last file gets downloaded.

The solution to this is to use temporary storage, get the link from it and open it in a new tab:

CSV files blog post


We hope that this blog post is helpful, especially if you have found yourself in some simmliar situation. 


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