D365FO integration in cloud
now enabled
with AXM D365FO file integrator
D365FO integration in cloud
now enabled
with AXM D365FO file integrator

Enterprise organizations use a multitude of line of business (LOB) applications that require information flow between their LOB applications. With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365FO) hosted on Azure, there is a need to integrate data in and out of D365FO and on-premises LOB applications.

With D365FO in the cloud, integration focus is placed on new technologies e.g. web service integration, while file integration is limited to manual file import.

Axapta Masters’ newly launched product called ‘’D365 File-based integration’’ solution enables such integrations, in a very convenient way.

It will empower the users with the possibility to automate file-based integration scenarios to and from Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, simplifying this process for all parties who are involved, from integration solution builders to customer users.


Benefits and features

Automate file-based integration scenarios

can be used during the implementation phase of the project for data migration, ad hoc file integration needs and to be used as a proof of concept validator among others.

Supports different data source types for import

Support of the types of file such as .xml; csv; .excel

Schedule jobs and set their recurrence

It calls methods exposed by D365FO to import or export files and data packages. It allows the user to easily schedule jobs and set their recurrence.

Monitor integration status

Monitor status of D365FO internal processing of imported/exported data. Based on this status it can move input files to “status” folders (Processing, Success, Error).

Integration history

History logs help you track and control the integration status activities. Every integration is recorded in form of log messages. These messages are stored in files which user can read from the application itself.

Set up e-mail notification

email notifications are used to email users in real time about the status of the internal processing of imported/exported files and data packages.

good to know

AXM D365 file integrator is an interactive desktop application that transports files and messages between on-premises folders and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

The Integration Manager basically works with the Data Management entities to import the files on the backend in an automated fashion.

  • Can be Installed on any Windows machine using a simple installer
  • Useful for Ad-hoc scenarios during project implementation, data migration, POC and testing
  • No additional Azure cost
  • Writes to local on-premises disk folders directly

interested to implement D365 file-based integration to your system?