Published On: November 11, 2016Categories: Company News, MS News

How is information supposed to be stored? Is it better to store information locally or on the cloud? How secure is your information anyway? These questions do not often have an easy answer. We used to use disks, drives, and all sorts of equipment for storing our data, but today the cloud has become a place where both people and companies keep and exchange information on. Lately we have been getting used to using the cloud more and more in order to permanently store all sorts of information, even the most sensitive ones. We trust the cloud more and more so the question arises.

How sure can we be our information is safe and secure out there on the cloud?

This is both a legitimate and an illegitimate concern. It is legitimate because most of us feel safer when we hold something away from harm ourselves. To truly be out of harm, information needs to be kept in a closed system, with no outside influence. That is sometimes OK with pictures on a USB drive, but it certainly is not OK with information critical for many departments in a company for instance.

In the modern age of doing business, information needs to be available instantaneously, and nothing is faster than keeping them on the cloud. You need to think of information as money (which in many cases it is), and think of the cloud as a bank that holds the most important information. Most of us keep our money in the bank considering it secure, since we know banks are often safer than our homes when it comes to it. It is quite similar with the cloud. This is why, same as with the bank you choose, it is really important to choose who stores and handles your most critical information.

This is where Microsoft Dynamics AX comes handy. While you can read about the benefits of an ERP software for most businesses in our previous post, here you can find out why Microsoft Dynamics AX is the most secure ERP software out there.

Dynamics AX is built using the Security Development Lifecycle, which is a mandatory process that embeds security requirements into every phase of development. Identifying users and groups of users is made easy and that way you can assign and revoke access authorization easily. Security-hardened infrastructure is used to connect data centers which helps block unauthorized traffic to and within those data centers, using a variety of technologies. Microsoft Anti malware helps protect the information against online threats. Intrusion detection, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack prevention, regular penetration testing, and data analytics are some of the methods used to help mitigate threats.

In terms of privacy, you own and control your data. It can be accessed at any time and for any reason without the help or approval of Microsoft. The data will never be used for any purpose by Microsoft whatsoever. Steps are taken to prevent unauthorized access. Furthermore, Dynamics AX provides your own database to maximize the security and integrity of your data.

Government or law enforcement must follow applicable legal processes in order to gain access to your data even for national security purposes. In case that happens Microsoft always attempts to redirect the request directly to our customer. Unless legally prohibited from doing so, Microsoft will promptly notify you of any such request.

Microsoft is committed to achieving and maintaining compliance with leading data protection and privacy laws applicable to cloud services. As an ERP system, Dynamics AX includes features that will help organizations meet specific tax, accounting, or financial reporting requirements.

Finally, your data is stored transparently, and you always know where it is stored. Moreover, it is disclosed how the data storage location is determined.

These are amongst the reasons why choosing Microsoft Dynamics AX is the safest cloud based ERP software out there. It is because a successful attack against an ERP system can be devastating for any company. Especially for businesses with highly sensitive information, a company always need to pick the safest option.

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