Masters Conference October 2022 – Knowledge sharing event for the Axapta Masters team

Our second #MastersConference was held the last weekend of October in Krusevo, with one main goal – knowledge and hands-on experience sharing among the Axapta Masters team members.

More than 120 colleagues had the opportunity to follow 3 different tracks live and online with 17 lectures, 1 workshop, and 19 #Masters as lecturers. Each track had a specific group of topics for the 3 biggest departments in our company: software developers, business analysts, and the business intelligence team.

The event provided us with unmatched opportunities to build expertise, skills and gain valuable knowledge, while learning from examples and case studies.

On behalf of the entire Axapta Masters team, we’re very proud of what we accomplished in collaboration with all of our lecturers and colleagues who were the perfect audience.👏

We extend our gratitude to everyone who participated and we are looking forward to the next conference.🙌

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