How Microsoft Azure can help you increase
your IT efficiency?

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure as an integrated, flexible and highly scalable cloud solution spread through global network of data centers, which can be used from IT professionals for secure building, managing and deploying applications. With this solution, Microsoft enables companies to flexibly adapt their own IT infrastructure as well as to reduce acquisition costs and current expenses.

Benefits of using Microsoft Azure

Secure environment – Azure is based on well-known technologies such as Windows Server, SQL Server and Active Directory, which altogether allow the work to be possible in a consistent, familiar and stable environment. Security, privacy, compliance, and transparency are the focus of Azure.

Dynamics Scaling – Azure allows you to automatically scale your server resources. You can only use the resources you really need and do not pay for unnecessarily large hosting packages.

Run your apps anywhere – Azure runs on a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters across 38 regions. With Azure, running applications locally ensure data residency and great performance.

Easy integration with your existing IT environment – Your assets can stay right where you need them due to easy integration with your existing IT environment through the largest network of secure private connections, hybrid database, and storage solutions, and data residency and encryption features.

Simplify complex environments – You do not have to be an expert in configuring, deploying and managing your business applications – that’s what our masters will do for you.

Axapta Masters provides expertise in building innovative digital solutions on the Azure platform to meet your business objectives. We can consult you how using Microsoft Azure can increase the efficiency of your IT. If you are interested in this service and want to learn more about how we exactly are doing it, drop us a line at

want to know how azure can increase your it efficiency?