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Microsoft recently announced that Power Automate Process Mining has become available as of August 1, 2023. Process intelligence is changing the way businesses optimize their processes, save costs, and discover opportunities to run more efficient business operations. Power Automate Process Mining, infused with next-generation AI, now enables organizations to easily understand what is happening across their business, maximize process insights, use out-of-box recommendations to reduce the complexity of processes, transform operations, and drive continuous process improvement with automation and low-code apps.

Power Automate Process Mining

The process mining capability in Power Automate works with the existing Microsoft platform and ecosystem to provide end-to-end solutions and enable faster business decisions. Out-of-box templates enable customers to seamlessly drive powerful business process insights from core line-of-business apps like SAP and also from cloud flows in Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Azure (DevOps, Logic Apps, Durable Functions, Bot Framework), and other systems of records.

Identify inefficiencies and gain insights with deep analytics

You can get insights for process improvement by capturing rich visual process maps, analyzing end-to-end processes with AI-powered root cause analysis, and unlocking hierarchical views with interactive drill-downs. Use recommended key performance indicators (KPIs) and filter options to uncover inefficiencies and opportunities for automation. Get value faster with out-of-box templates for finance including order-to-cash and peer-to-peer pay, supply chain, and other use cases.

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Optimize processes and act with low-code automation

You can unlock process insights, get guided recommendations, and automate with Power Automate or leverage multiple actions and optimize your processes with Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and low-code. Set up notifications in Microsoft Teams or Outlook when KPIs are not met.

Monitor your processes to drive continuous improvement

With Power Automate you can stay on top of the implemented process optimizations through ongoing monitoring, identify process deviations, and define new goals and challenges. Continuously analyze and improve to achieve the most efficient process and drive continuous process improvement.

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With the general availability of Power Automate Process Mining, Microsoft further expands its low-code offering—providing customers with not only the most complete hyper-automation offering in the market but the most comprehensive low-code platform including Copilot in Microsoft Power Platform.

The following updates went into effect on August 1, 2023:

  • Customers are able to buy “Power Automate Premium” (the former “Power Automate Attended RPA per user”). This license will continue to include both unlimited cloud flows, known as digital process automation (DPA), and unlimited desktop flows, known as robotic process automation (RPA) in attended mode as well as entitlements to Power Automate Process Mining.
  • Microsoft introduced a new “Power Automate Process” license that gives customers access to an automation ‘bot’ which can be used for unattended desktop automation (RPA), or to run an organization-wide cloud-flow-based process that needs to be accessed by unlimited users in an organization.
  • Organizations can get started with Power Automate Process Mining by subscribing to the new Power Automate Premium license.
  • The “Power Apps per user” license is renamed to “Power Apps P”

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