Customers sign up is a Power App developed specifically for a seamless integration with D365 to deliver an unparalleled solution for achieving and maintaining General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance within your retail operations. Easing out the collection and storing of customer data in D365 to stay compliant with ongoing regulations.

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Why Choose Customers Sign up?

  • End to End Compliance:

This app provides a comprehensive solution for retail companies to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance. From data collection and processing, to storage of data and retrieval of it, every aspect of the customer data process is managed within the GDPR framework.

  • Automated Data consent management:

The easy process of obtaining and managing customer consent for data processing with automated consent forms and tracking mechanisms, you can ensure that every piece of customer data is handled with explicit permission, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

  • Data Access Controls:

This application offers distinguished control over who can access customer data within your organization. Implement role-based access controls, split between different legal entities and restrict data from unauthorized personnel that should not handle sensitive information.

  • User Friendly Interface:

Customer sign ups features an intuitive interface, easy to manage design, making it the best application for any employee to navigate through.

Elevate your data compliance game with Customer Sign Up for Microsoft Power Apps – the best solution for retailers committed to integrating GDPR compliance seamlessly into their Dynamics 365 Canvas Apps. Build trust, ensure compliance, and safeguard customer data with confidence in the dynamic world of retail operations.