Stock In Transit Now Enables You With The Functionality To Register, Post, And Pay Invoices For Goods In Transit

Stock in transit solution represents a new and innovative solution to the problem of managing stock that is in transit (also referred to as Goods in transit). With the increased global trading and long shipping times for overseas deliveries of purchased goods, there is a real need for a solution that supports this process.

stock in transit

Standard Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations does not provide functionality to register, post, and pay invoices for goods that are in transit but register the product receipt afterwards. Our Stock in transit solution enables this functionality and at the same time, the standard AX processes of logistics warehousing, accounting, and master planning remain unchanged.

Why Stock In Transit?

  • Accept, post vendor invoices against purchase orders and pay them, before the arrival of the stock

Post invoices and process the payments in a standard way. The product receipt is still going to be available on the expected date and visible on the Arrival overview.

  • Real-time visibility of the stock in transit quantity levels and value

The stock in transit quantities is always visible in the system. Organize your stock in a similar way as on-hand items using the principle of warehouses and storage dimensions. See the value of the stock in transit at any time.

  • Direct-delivery functionality taken to the next level

Direct delivery is taken to a new level with this functionality because now it is possible to post and pay vendor invoice for direct delivery but post and generate customer delivery documents once goods arrive at the customer site.

  • Master planning and stock in transit

With this solution, the master planning treats the stock in transit as stock that is expected on the delivery dates defined.

  • Stock in transit in the ledger

The stock value for the stock that is in transit is visible at all times, just like the inventory value for the on-hand stock. Stock value can be reflected in the General ledger as per client needs.