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Dynamics 365 has a feature which allows the user to personalize his experience while working with the program. He can personalize the appearance, dashboard, work-spaces, and forms using different types of personalization. In this blog post, only personalization of forms will be explained.
The main benefit of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations personalization is that it only affects the user who did it leaving the interface of the other users not changed at all. That is the main difference over the other previous AX versions.

Personalization Functionalities

Implicit form personalization

Column adjustment within a grid, expanding/collapsing fast tabs and fax boxes is part of implicit personalization.

  • Width adjustment of a column is same as in AX2012, just select the boundary between two column headings and drag to the required size.
  • FastTabs and FactBoxes in can be expanded/collapsed and Dynamics 365 automatically stores the personalization.

When the same grid is opened again, Dynamics 365 retrieves the personalization done on the columns, fast tabs and fact boxes from the last time.
Explicit form personalization

Explicit personalization is personalization done by explicitly using a personalization menu.
Basic type of explicit personalization is achieved with right-click on a field and selecting Personalize.
Personalize toolbar will be displayed.

personalization explicit form

This personalization method is used if a user wants to:

  • Change the label of a field
  • Hide field
  • Include field information in FastTab summary (if the element is on a FastTab)
  • Skip the field when Tab is pressed
  • Mark filter as not editable

Additional options for personalization can be used with Personalize this form option.
This form offers a possibility to:

  • Add fields
  • Unhide fields
  • Move (reposition) field
  • Clear, import and export personalization.

Personalize this form option can be opened either from the form’s Action pane, under the Personalize group of the Option tab or from the Personalize toolbar.

When Personalize this form is opened, a new pane will be displayed on the page.

personalization in dynamics 365 hide field

The functions of the buttons are described in the following picture:

functions of the buttons

Personalization Options

Change label of a field
This can be done by using the more simplified personalization option.
Right-click on a field and choose Personalize. Personalize toolbar will be displayed with the current name of the field. Just type the new name and close the form. So, the name of the field will be the new one you’ve just typed on the Personalization toolbar.
Select field to personalize
With the Select option of the Personalize this form pane, the user can select field which will be subject of personalization.
Move field
The first thing we need to know is that each field is related to a form area and it can be removed only within that area.
Now, open Personalize this form and select the Move button. Choose a field you want to re-position and start dragging it. You will notice that it will get highlighted with yellow color and just drag it to the new position.
Hide field
Important information to know is that mandatory fields cannot be hidden and when a field is hidden, the data of it is not changed, it is just the field that does not appear on the page.
A field can be hidden in both ways, using Personalize toolbar or with Personalize this form.

  1. a) A field or column can easily be hidden with a just right-click on a field and selecting Personalize. The final step is selecting field Hide on Personalize form.
  2. b) Open Personalize this form, select Hide tool. Now mark the data fields that you want to hide. Close the pane and now the fields are hidden.

Show field
The user can unhide a hidden field in this way:
On action pane select Option – Personalize this form, select Hide tool. Now all hidden fields will be displayed and highlighted. Click on the field you want to unhide and again click Hide on the pane. Close the pane. Now, the selected field will be shown on the form.
Add field to FastTab summary area

The Summary button should be used when a user wants numeric or string field to be shown in the FastTab summary area.
Skip the field when Tab is pressed
This can be achieved by using Skip tool, using Personalize toolbar or Personalize this form pane. When Skip tool is chosen, all currently skipped fields will be displayed with shaded yellow color, so user can choose which of them should be included on the tab sequence.
Mark filter as not editable
This can be done by using Edit tool in Personalize this form or Don’t edit checkbox on Personalization toolbar. When Edit tool is used in Personalize this form, all currently non-editable elements will be shown in a shaded container so that you can choose them to make them editable.
Add field
Similar as hiding field, adding field can be done in two ways. The first way is using the simplified personalization form and the second one is using the advanced personalization form.

  1. a) Choose an area you want to add a field into. Right-click on it and select Personalize.
    Select + Add field button. A pop-up appears with all the fields that can be added. Select field(s) and press Insert. Now selected field(s) is added to the area you first chose.
  2. b) Open Personalize this form pane, click on the + Add field button and then select the form area you want to customize. Again, a pop-up appears with all the fields that can be added. Select field(s) and press Insert. Now selected field(s) is added to the area you first chose.

If you want to clear all existing customization on a form, import a previously saved personalization or export the current one, you can do that by using Manage tool in Personalize this form.