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Dynamics 365 Implementation

In the professional military services industry, effective management and coordination of operations are crucial for success. Austability, a prominent company in this sector, recognized the need to modernize their operations and streamline their processes. To achieve this, Austability decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an ERP solution that could integrate various business functions, including finance, supply chain management, project management, and human resources.

Working in tandem with Austability’s subject matter experts, Axapta Masters, as the main implementation partner, developed a comprehensive solution design aligned with Austability’s business requirements. Processes within D365 Finance and Operations were configured to accommodate specific industry regulations and tailored the system to reflect Austability’s organizational structure, reporting needs, and data management requirements.

Project Recovery

By leveraging our in-depth knowledge of D365 and thorough understanding of Austability’s unique requirements, the Axapta Masters team effectively turned the project around and made a complete project recovery. Our comprehensive analysis, solution design, and customization efforts aligned D365 with Austability’s business processes, enabling streamlined operations and improved efficiency.

The training initiatives undertaken by our Axapta Masters team played a pivotal role in driving user adoption. By delivering tailored training sessions, Axapta Masters fostered a positive organizational culture and facilitated a smooth transition to D365 with already having one country live and working to seamlessly move all others.


Our commitment to providing ongoing support contributed to the project’s overall success. By addressing immediate issues and providing post-implementation assistance, Axapta Masters ensured that Austability’s operations continued seamlessly without disruptions.

In conclusion, Axapta Masters’ expertise, proactive approach, and commitment to delivering exceptional results played a critical role in the recovery and successful implementation of D365 for Austability. The comprehensive training and support throughout the project, empowered Austability to optimize its processes, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve its business objectives.