Empowering Global Clean Air Solutions: Axapta Masters’ Ongoing Partnership with Camfil Group

At Axapta Masters, we are proud to showcase our valued client, Camfil Group, a global leader in providing premium clean air solutions. With a commitment to enhancing worker and equipment productivity, Camfil serves a diverse range of industries worldwide, offering top-of-the-line commercial and industrial air filtration and air pollution control systems.

We stand alongside Camfil in supporting their crucial business processes for more than 4 years. As an integral part of their success, we assist Camfil in optimizing their D365 and AX2009 environments, ensuring smoother operations and increased efficiency. Our dedicated team of experts is devoted to resolving incidents promptly and efficiently. Moreover, we actively engage in the development of system enhancements to empower Camfil with the latest advancements in technology.

Camfil benefits from our comprehensive support during the OneVersion update processes as well, ensuring they stay up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements. We also excel in efficient release management, allowing Camfil to stay agile and responsive to business demands.

As confirmation of our strong partnership, Axapta Masters is involved in D365 rollouts in specific countries. By leveraging our expertise and deep understanding of their business processes, we ensure a smooth transition and integration of D365 in these targeted regions.