Sodexo’s Work Assignment And Supervision Power App

Sodexo, a global leader in Quality of Life Services, recognized the need to enhance their work assignment and supervision processes for technicians and supervisors. To address this, Sodexo collaborated with Axapta Masters to develop a customized power app that would facilitate creating, dispatching, reassigning, completing, and reviewing work orders. This case study highlights how this innovative power app transformed Sodexo’s operations, improving efficiency and accountability in work management.

Business Challenge

Sodexo manages a diverse range of services across various industries, requiring efficient coordination of technicians and supervisors for timely completion of tasks. However, the existing manual process for work assignment and supervision led to inefficiencies, delays, and difficulties in tracking progress. Sodexo sought a comprehensive solution to automate and streamline these processes, enhancing communication, reducing errors, and enabling real-time monitoring of work orders.


Sodexo partnered with Axapta Masters to design and develop a customized power app that addresses the challenges faced in work assignment and supervision. The power app was built to offer the following key features:

  • Creation of New Orders – allows authorized users to create new work orders, providing essential details such as the type of task, location, priority, and required resources.
  • Dispatching Orders – Once a work order is created, the supervisor assigns the work order with the required skill set and proximity to the task location.
  • Reassigning Orders – In cases of technician unavailability or changing priorities, technicians can easily return the task back to the supervisor, and the supervisor can reassign the tasks to other technicians through the application, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
  • Completing and Reviewing Orders – Technicians mark the order as done within the application. Supervisors receive the work order and can review the completed work, providing feedback or approval. This step ensures quality control and accountability.
  • Real-time Monitoring and tracking of work orders, allowing supervisors to monitor progress, identify potential delays, and take proactive actions.

Benefits and Outcomes

The implementation of Sodexo’s power app yielded several significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined process reduced manual errors and communication gaps, leading to quicker task completion and improved service delivery.
  • Improved Accountability: Real-time tracking and supervisor reviews ensured that tasks were completed to high standards, enhancing accountability among technicians.
  • Data-Driven Insights: The app generated valuable data insights, allowing Sodexo to identify trends, optimize workflows, and make informed decisions.
  • Cost Savings: The reduction in operational delays and errors led to cost savings, as tasks were completed more efficiently and with fewer reworks.