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Vitaminka’s Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365 F&O and Axapta Masters

In the competitive landscape of the Food Industry, Macedonian giant Vitaminka sought to maintain its leadership by embracing Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO). With a rich history spanning over 66 years, Vitaminka is synonymous with quality, innovation, and a commitment to satisfying the diverse tastes of its consumers.

Vitaminka boasts a diverse product range, spanning over 400 packages in 20 categories manufactured across three main factories. With a presence in more than 30 countries and financial sales realization exceeding 60 million EUR, Vitaminka stands as one of the top 100 Macedonian exporters.


As the company expanded, challenges arose in production visibility, real-time tracking, and maintaining quality assurance. The complexity of managing multiple production lines, warehouses, and laboratories required a comprehensive solution.

Digital Transformation Journey:

To overcome these challenges and optimize operations, Vitaminka chose Axapta Masters as their partner for a complete technological transformation. The decision to invest in D365FO was driven by the need for real-time visibility, enhanced production planning, and robust cybersecurity.

Implementation Challenges:

The digital transformation journey faced obstacles such as lack of stakeholder involvement, internal resistance, and undefined processes. Customization versus adapting existing processes added complexity. However, after an intensive collaboration, the implementation was completed in January 2024.

Key Benefits and Solutions

Enhanced Production Operations:

Leveraging D365FO’s advanced planning and scheduling, Vitaminka optimized production schedules, reduced idle time, and improved on-time delivery.
Real-time product cost, scheduling, monitoring, and capacity planning enhanced production efficiency.

Comprehensive Inventory Management:

Seamless integration with suppliers, subcontractors, and customers ensured timely availability of materials and products.
Advanced Warehouse Management and end-to-end warehousing processes optimized inventory tracking and traceability.

Next-level Sales and Procurement Process:

Dynamics 365 modules provided forecasting, real-time traceability, and improved sales and procurement processes.
Power BI reports and intelligent commercial Power App facilitated dynamic order prioritization and decision-making.

Financial Transparency:

D365 F&O’s financial modules enabled precise inventory costing and efficient management of production costs, ensuring financial transparency and compliance.

Improved Customer satisfaction:

Dynamic order prioritization and accurate inventory management led to improved customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Retail Operations:

Implementation of Dynamics D365 Retail module streamlined operations across stores, will reduce manual tasks and improve efficiencies.

Results and Future Outlook

With this successful implementation, Vitaminka stands as an industry leader, equipped with innovative solutions. The integration of Azure, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and the integrated WHS app positions Vitaminka for long-term economic advantage and financial stability. Partnering with Axapta Masters has opened new doors for Vitaminka, propelling them toward new successes and heights in their Macedonian business story.