Industry: Transportation


Proper and on-time reporting for operations efficiency and cost reductions

In today’s fast-paced transportation industry, staying organized and on top of all the moving parts is crucial for a company’s success. One transportation company in Germany found this to be especially true when it came to managing their containers at the port.

The company had a hard time tracking all the necessary information for containers that needed to be handled by the operation team, as the data was spread across multiple sources. This resulted in delays and a lack of visibility for the team and management.

To solve this problem, Axapta Masters implemented a near real-time reporting using PowerBI, that gathers and presents all information for containers moves in an easy-to-use format, allowing operations team to see and prepare for the containers that are coming in next 7 days, next 14 days, and to check the history for already finished ones.

Additionally, each container step is presented on mouse hover with change tracking, providing instant information on the status of the container and which updates were made.

Transportation company

This resulted in a significant improvement on the operation team’s performance, making it more organized, and reducing the number of delayed containers from more than 200 with delay in days, to almost 0 by the end of each day, avoiding large financial penalties by ensuring that the number of allowed days is not breached.

With this, Management got full 360¬0 visibility on the overall operations, ability to track performance of each operator, and monitor delayed containers and their financial impact.