Quality Policy


  • We engage

We define the project experience at each stage of the project – before, during and after the project by aligning a team and package of solutions that meets your requirements.

  • We deliver

We ensure excellence by adhering to the principles of our project management methods – we support our clients at every stage of the project life cycle.

  • We care

We believe that each of our customers deserves customized support, because it is crucial for customers to feel comfortable using the solution.

  • We make it easy

We are all aware that working with a global company brings difficulties in interacting with a particular person. This comes as our competitive value as we provide direct contact and imediate calls which speeds up and simplifies the whole process.


  • Commitment

We focus our strengths and knowledge to help our clients achieve their business goals.

  • Retaining the best talent

We nurture and retain the best resources for our business, giving them a challenging, growing and healthy work environment.

  • Trust and integrity

We believe in taking responsibility for our actions, working honestly and adhering to our ethical and moral principles.

  • Efficiency

We meet the expectations of our customers with a high rate of satisfaction, as a result of clear communication, our flexibility and time personality of the company.

  • Credibility

We nurture a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treat each stakeholder in a way that reflects our values.

  • Reliability

We are not just focused on short projects, we are available to help our clients overcome their critical business decisions related to their system.


If you are interested in optimizing/improving your business processes, making the experience while using the application a whole lot easier in the long run, having the data secured in the cloud at the same time, and in need for someone to upgrade your systems from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365, we are open for future collaboration. Contact us at sales@axaptamasters.com!