Published On: October 20, 2016Categories: Technical

The invoice reversal in AX is a process of creating credit notes (negative Purchase order or Sales order lines) and posting issue/receipt against these lines. At the end an invoice should be posted against the same lines. With this steps the user can reverse the invoice and issue/receipt of products in case of items. In order to post the correct invoice the user need to replicate the initial lines and then to issue/receive goods and post correct invoice as a last step.
When invoice with charges defined on lines need to be reversed the user need to be very careful because charges on the negative lines should also be negative. If charges are defined as positive AX posts the charges as normal charges resulting in double charges in the ledger. This happens often especially when user copies the lines and just change the sign in the quantity field. So, be careful when reversing invoices and always check the vouchers created.