Implementation & Licensing

If you are thinking about introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in your company or upgrading your current system, think no more.

We can help you effectively implement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations system, either if you’ve decided for some older version, which is designed to make your people and processes more productive. Our procedures focus on predictable results, giving you reduced implementation cost while keeping you at forefront of each step through the process. We understand every business is unique, and our plan will be specifically designed to meet your business objectives.

Implementation and Licensing

With proven methodology, we can ensure success throughout the implementation process. We apply established Microsoft Sure Step methodology where all stages of the implementation process are predefined. The Sure Step application provides product-specific and general project-based templates, workflows, process maps and tools to assist the implementation partners.

We have managed to convince our clients of higher value of their Microsoft Dynamics system.

We will analyze your process at a very high level while focusing on the project initialization. We will arrange on the approach and scope a definition.

We will identify and document your business processes, in order to understand your business and your performed processes.

In this phase, we will strive to find a way how your business processes can be implemented with Dynamics systems. We will propose solutions for your business needs, build prototypes and test them in order to choose the best strategy.
We will create new features and also adapt the existing features. After that, we will migrate the data from the previous systems, and at the end, all of the features will be tested, as well as the security of the system.
Our objective here is to set up your operational dynamics environment. Besides installation, configuration and feature deployment, our focus is on testing at a system level. Once the system runs and all of the tests pass this phase will be finished.

We will assist your end-users during the first days of work after the deployment of the new system.

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