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International Roll Out

International Rollout is all about helping to deploy your ERP abroad. Microsoft Dynamics AX is an excellent tool for rolling out in several countries from a central setup, providing faster and cost-positive process, while no additional add-ons are required.

With so-called roll-based work-environments, all users of the system get their own dashboards and shortcuts. Masterplanning, warehouse control, sales, project management and much more are all fully integrated into this cloud-based solution.

We know our team is flexible and skilled enough to support and realize the ERP rollout process on-site and remotely. Here, we talk about highly skilled consultants and developers with a working background in multi-country projects, who understand the challenges of international ERP rollouts very well. The process starts with preparing a well-structured plan,  use familiar tools and past-experience knowledge and go through specific analysis, all that leading to last consultation process and rich out target points.

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    The collaboration is very pleasant and we can achieve our goals quickly and uncomplicated. Communication is easy and effective. We wish to continue the good work with AXM also in the future to enhance and extend our solution and to work on completely new projects.

    steffan feieraband
    Stefan Feierabend
    CTO, Lean Projects

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