Performance Assessment & Optimization

Performance testing is a powerful tool that applied against a variety of use case scenarios provides valuable insights to identify a company’s digital infrastructure performance risks. Companies can and must be proactive in the identification of those risks that might damage their reputation, cause revenue and/or opportunity losses, but also in their mitigation, by devoting a certain amount of resources to perform performance testing and act upon the results.

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When is the best time to run performance testing?

Axapta Masters’ recommendation is to perform performance testing:

Before Going Live

Once the solution is stable from a functionality perspective, it’s time to run performance testing to uncover what needs to be improved before they go live.

Before deploying major changes

Any change in the system is potentially dangerous with certain risks associated with it and must be approached carefully. Especially when you have major phase releases, performance testing is a mandatory step to verify the existing and new functionalities from the perspective of performance and scalability.

Periodical verification that system can handle peaks

It is common that the load on a productive system is not constant over time, and there are certain events that can trigger business activities to cause meaningful fluctuations in the load. Such events can be caused by business behavior to handle a certain task at a certain time of a day or month, legal requirements, or some special days such as Christmas, Black Friday… that dictate consumer behavior that directly or indirectly challenges the scalability of business applications. The peak load from such a usage pattern can be significantly higher than the average load.

Performance Assessment
Performance Assessment

How can axapta masters help you?

Across many industries. We are leveraging that experience to help our customers to build an adapted approach based on their business needs. Our approach is unique and is consist of two major directions, that joined together are the guarantee for success:

  • 24/7 production monitoring, and
  • Performance Testing using a non-production environment.

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