The ERP and CRM system correlates with almost every part of your organization and it could be crucial for you to eliminate the risks inherent with running outdated versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX in your organization. Upgrading to Dynamics 365 is a smart investment business change that you should consider as giving your business a better chance to improve itself.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide reliable ERP and CRM solutions, with regular updates and upgrades. Using previous versions logically will keep you away from taking a benefit KIT of this powerful system. The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables incremental updates regarding features and functionalities, designed by having simplicity in mind and accent on user experience for your team. It’s not all about getting along with the latest trend, but the risk your company could “suffer” from not being able to make the best of it.

How to recognize that your business is outgrowing your existing system:

  • Your system no longer has the capacity to keep up with demand
  • There are additional functionalities that are no longer available in your existing version
  • Your system do not integrate with other applications that you had a plan to deploy
  • Your system is slow and increasingly difficult to support

Axapta Masters has a vast experience in MS Dynamics AX/365 upgrades. Our experts can observe and determine your current system position and later point out differences between your current system and the latest Dynamics AX version


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