Amazon & AX Integration

Get Most Of Your Amazon Marketplace With This Amazon & AX Integration

The Amazon & AX Integration is making everything easier for Amazon sellers. It offers organizations of any size to integrate Amazon Marketplace with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance Operations to automate order management processes and eliminate repetitive data entry and reduce the risk of errors.

Amazon AX Integration

The Amazon Marketplace is used by more than 300 million active online sellers, but most of the organizations still waste a lot of resources by manually uploading product offerings. Our integration solves this problem and saves you from unnecessary costs. It will empower you with a possibility to automate all sales processes and to streamline fulfillment.

Stop wasting time on repetitive data entry and have all of your information in one place. Your customers will benefit from this integration as well, having immediate information about their order status, fast payment approval, prices and item adjustments, faster shipping and secure shopping experience.

The database can be used both for its own Amazon shop as a new distribution channel and for Amazon Fulfillment (goods on commission at Amazon). The configurability and the real-time exchange allow a transparent exchange between both systems. Shorter processes, shorter reaction times, and an optimal basis for good customer service are among the advantages.

Giving you a quick glimpse of this product, we wanted to show what we have been working on in the previous period. Our near future plans are to involve more developers on this solution and more efforts on this expertise. If you’re interested to share your story with us in order to find customized solution for you, reach out via emails provided in in the contact section.

Why Amazon & AX Integration?

  • Native Dynamics AX Integration

    Runs within your Dynamics AX account so you can manage the integration from within AX itself.

  • Support All Amazon And Dynamics AX Categories

    Support of all of the Amazon item categories and Dynamics AX item types including simple and matrix items.

  • Efficient Order Processing

    Use of standardized technologies that streamlines your supply chain.

  • Quick Identification

    Identify returning customers and support order cancellations.

  • Eliminating Errors And Double Data Entry

    Save time and costs involved in manually keeping your Amazon Seller Central accounts and Dynamics AX back office.

  • No Additional Systems Required

    Central Administration and maintenance of article data in the ERP system.

  • Real-Time Data

    Provide transparent information about inventory levels and processing status, and overall sales statistics

  • Offer Products In Amazon Without Middleware

    Control and process your products with Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Relies On The Modern Microsoft Retail Solution

    The existing architecture and SOAP interfaces avoid complex changes in Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • More Secure Environment

    Secure information exchange between Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Amazon account

  • Full Insight

    Maintain a complete log of all tasks performed through our dashboard

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