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Global D365FO Implementation and Rollout Partner

Uses Dynamics 365 F&O

Being a Dynamics 365 implementation partner to a world leader in the supply of engineered joining technologies is an honor and privilege. But being a Global Implementation Partner, it’s another level of responsibility and adeptness. Our Axapta Masters team is proud to be part of Norma Group business transformation story third year in a row, supporting Norma’s global operations of manufacturing units and distribution centers all around the world.

Process harmonization – One Company – 35 locations

Our team of Functional Consultants is fully dedicated to the harmonization of Norma Group business processes into a modern cloud-based platform. Alignment with regulatory requirements in each country of operation, setting up the warehouses, improving efficiency on the manufacturing lanes, sales, purchasing, order management… fully aligned and compliant with the Global Template. Starting from a thorough analysis of the existing business processes and unique requirements, through workshops with key users and business process owners to identify pain points and determine areas where the D365 solution will bring the most value.

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Customizations and Integrations

Dedicated and proficient development team was acquired to assure high-quality development of custom business requirements where D365 did not meet Norma’s specific needs. The integration team ensured seamless integration of 3rd party systems, making the solution easy to operate in the future. With this, Norma managed to achieve significant benefits, including streamlined business processes, real-time data insights, improved collaboration and productivity, reduction of manual effort, and increased scalability.

Data Migration

One of the biggest concerns of the impacted end-users is how the reporting continuity will be achieved, and how historical data be accessed. Our Data Migration team is responsible to move the data from old legacy systems to the D365FO, utilizing our in-house developed framework.

Program and Project Management

Finally, our management team is there to ensure that all the above teams and activities are properly orchestrated, communication and reporting channels are established and maintained, and the client is getting a system that is supporting current business processes while also providing scalability to meet future business needs.